Debunking the Myths about Online Bachelor Degree Programs

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

By: Andy West
There are many people who wonder about an online bachelor degree program and what exactly the advantages might be. As these programs begin to gain acclaim, there will continue to be questions. Potential students will want to know what they offer and whether an online degree is better than a degree from a regular university. The myths continue to pile up when concerning these things. If you are considering getting your degree online, then you must be educated about the different programs. Here is a look at some of the myths that are often associated with online bachelor degree programs.

Myth number one, an online bachelor degree program is not as recognized

This is absolutely not true. Online programs are just as recognized as any university. When you are considering where to get a college degree, it is important to make sure the university is accredited correctly. While this is a concern with most four-year universities, you should take special care to ensure that the program of your choice is accredited. If you gain an education from an accredited program, then it will be as respected as any university in the nation.

Myth number two, problems with reputation

Online degree programs are becoming more popular with universities all over the world. Even popular four year universities are offering some sort of online bachelor degree program for certain students who are more suited towards this format. Many people believe that because a degree is earned with an online university, it does not carry as much clout. Online degree programs are geared towards individuals that do not have the time to take in a four-year education, or are possibly even continuing their education. Employers understand that, as well. With an online education, you will gain as much respect as with any other college degree.

Myth number three, businesses are more likely to hire a person with a traditional bachelor degree

Studies show that businesses and employers show little preference for one over another. Generally, simply having completed college is the qualifying aspect that will get you in the door. After that, your qualifications, experience, and personality will land the job. In many cases, applicants who hold an online bachelor degree will impress employers. In getting this degree, it shows that the person had the initiative and drive to gain the education needed and become more qualified for the career they wish to pursue. Businesses are always looking for people who have that motivation.

Myth number four, the price is too high

Compared to many four-year universities, the price is actually very low. While it may seem like you are paying a lot for the cost of running the online program, in most situations the price per course is much lower than a university. You must also take into account that gaining this degree will afford you the opportunity to make more money in the future. Not all online programs are the same. Like with traditional universities, they can be divided into categories. Private, public, specialized, and religiously based online universities offer different things. Finding the one to suit your needs will go a long way toward gaining a quality education at a value.

Online bachelor degree programs are growing in popularity and employers are taking notice. Despite common myths, there is no stigma associated with obtaining your education online as opposed to a traditional degree. By gaining the education qualification and valuable experience, you can position yourself to move to the top of the business world in a hurry.

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Andy West is a freelance writer for Virginia College. Virginia College Online offers many Online Bachelor Degree programs. Please visit Virginia College Online at to select the online program that is right for you.

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Staying on Track with an Online Bachelor Degree

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

By: Andy West

When it's time to move forward on a career path or break into a whole new field, the average working adult chooses an online bachelor degree program. Not only does it offer convenience, it also provides a cost effective way to learn all the necessary practical skills of a vocation. These days a Bachelor's degree is the most commonly required qualification for most entry-level positions.

A Bachelor's degree, or a Baccalaureate degree, is essentially the end result of a four-year study in a certain field. From the arts to business to web design, colleges and universities offer this degree in a number of different areas. It is only upon completing a Bachelor's degree that one can then move up to a Master's degree.

A college degree is now becoming a requirement for many employers. Hiring an inexperienced worker off the street means taking time to train an individual who may or may not fit the position. Those with a college degree show they not only have a vested interest in the field but the skills to go with it.

Those currently in their career without an education often find they must obtain a degree to move on or move up the career ladder. However, the idea of returning to college can be intimidating in a number of ways. In the choice between rigid schedules and a 24-hour classroom that is ready when they are, many working adults opt for an online bachelor degree.

Not only does online learning allow students to ditch the hassle of rearranging their schedule, they find there are no extra fees or costs associated with online learning. Students simply pay for the classes they take and pay for their learning materials. As long as there is no interruption in enrollment, tuition and fees will never suddenly rise out of the blue.

Many adults who have spent a decade or more in the workforce simply dread the idea of returning to a classroom environment. While the opportunity for socialization is great, most adults are busy balancing a career with their home life. The chance to focus more on learning practical skills with an online bachelor degree is a much more attractive option.

Another bonus is that online learning can sometimes mean obtaining a degree in a shorter period of time. It is not unheard of for a curriculum to consist of a syllabus of coursework put out by an instructor that students merely follow at their own pace. Students are not held back or pressured to catch up.

At times, a student's previous work or military experience can also count towards earning a degree. Prospective students should always discuss their options with an enrollment counselor. Many are surprised to find that their years spent in a career can count as much for their degree as their degree can count for their career.

With an accredited online program, students will also find they may be eligible for financial aid. This is a great bonus for working adults. Between just trying to afford the basics of life, not many have a place in the budget for hefty tuition payments.

Because so many in the workforce opt for online degrees, employers readily accept this type of learning venue as legitimate. In fact, for companies that have programs to help employees with costs associated with earning a degree, a majority of businesses encourage online learning programs as an option.

While an online bachelor degree provides an opportunity for advancement, it also instills a sense of confidence. These days, a sense of job fulfillment is very important. Graduates can look forward to branching out in their careers while giving themselves a much higher earning potential.

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Andy West is a writer for Virginia College. Virginia College Online offers many Online Bachelor Degree programs. Visit Virginia College Online at to select the online program that is right for you.

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Why An Online Bachelor Degree?

By: Bill Urell
There was a time when the idea of an online bachelor degree was far fetched at best. There were, and still are, many sites that offered an college degrees online, but in the end you would usually only end up with a questionable piece of paper from an institute nobody had heard of. Today, though, that has changed. Getting an online bachelor degree is a possibility and you can do it from a legitimate accredited university or college. Not only is it a possibility, but for many it offers several advantages over traditional college. Here are a few of the advantages you can get from pursuing your degree over the internet.

Perhaps the most obvious and most popular advantage to pursuing an online bachelor degree is the flexibility. Whether you work through a state university, local college, or exclusively online learning center, you will likely have a great deal of flexibility in your classes. There are rarely specific times you have to do anything, only deadlines to hit while working the hours you are available. In some cases, with some online bachelor degree programs, you may even be able to pace yourself through a class. Either way, you should be able to find a distance learning degree that meets your life and your schedule.

Secondly, pursing your online bachelor degree allows you a better opportunity to work while going to school. For many people, the pursuit of higher education has to take a backseat to earning a living. With an online degree, you can work your normal job and normal hours while working your classes from the comfort of your home before and or after your job each day. Since you can work at your own pace through some of the programs, there is not even the pressure of having to do a certain amount each day. You an simply weigh your time each day.

Finally, consider that your online bachelor degree will carry the same weight as a traditional degree so long as you work through an accredited institution. Accreditation is something, then, you should be careful to research completely. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the education you want in the environment that works best for you. Ask around, talk to someone at the school, or do whatever you have to so that you know you are getting your degree from an accredited institute of learning.

As you can see, there are few reasons that an online bachelor degree will not work for you. You will have the flexibility you desire, the ability to work while in school without disrupting either, and it will be the same degree as in a traditional classroom. Just remember to do your research and plan accordingly. With that sort of information in hand, you can go out and get the degree you have always wanted to make that next step in your life.

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Now there is a gallery of powerful information yours for the taking. Decide now to improve your education and job prospects. Click here: Online Bachelor Degree

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